Tao of Running -                              10-Week Transformation

Learn The Art of Effortless Running And Design Your Lifestyle To Unleash Vibrant Health, Brain Peak Performance & Connect With Your Inner Happiness

Uncover How Old Wisdom And Vanguard Sciences Related To The Body, Heart, Breathing, Brain/Mind, Nutrition, Sleep Can Interconnect To Help You Become A Fitter, Healthier, Sharper And Happier You!


The Fast-Paced But Sedentary Modern World Has Negatively Impacted Our Health, Performance & True Happiness...

We have become really busy and are constantly overwhelmed by responsibilities and unending to-do lists.  As the years go by, we can feel our energy levels as well as physical, mental, and emotional health draining away. This isn't normal and this isn't right. I designed Tao of Running to help people feel like humans at their best again, not just machines waiting to break down. You will know that program is for you if more than a handful of the following statements apply: 

  • You find yourself feeling moody and irritable
  • It seems like you're always tired and 'low in energy'
  • The idea of running and jogging seems painfultiring, not really for you
  • You struggle with weight loss and/or improving your overall health?
  • Your last blood test made your doctor frown and/or suggest a healthier lifestyle
  • You tend to get injured easily from exercise 
  • You feel exhaustion instead of exhilaration from exercise and running 
  • You regularly feel nervousanxious, and/or worried?
  • You feel burnt out or even depressed
  • You are exhausted of this continuous tyrannical little voice in your head
  • You feel the need to create some 'space' for yourself
  • You experience brain fog and lack focus/concentration during your day
  • You have difficulties making good decisions, prioritizing your work and delegating
  • You lack creativity and /or intuition
  • You exercise regularly but it does not really help to improve your health and well being
  • You need an activity that you can do anytime, anywhere

According to Daniel Lieberman

Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary at Harvard University and author of the book

"The Story of the Human Body"

Human beings went through 3 main “cultural revolutions” in the last 10,000 to 15,000 years – which represents less than 1% of the time of the history of human evolution - and our brain and body were not able to adapt and cope biologically with them: 

  • The Agricultural Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Digital/Internet Revolution

These revolutions have completely changed the way human beings move, think, eat, sleep, live in community, …

The human body and mind could not biologically cope with these cultural revolutions and it is one of the main root causes of chronic stress, modern diseases, and unhappiness.

Chronic stress is the number 1 killer of our modern world. According to the 
American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. And more than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

But, it does not need to be like this, human beings are supposed to be fit, healthy, peaceful, focused, and truly happy.
We can see some “living proofs” of this with the Tarahumara community. The Tarahumaras are a tribe of Indians hidden in Mexico, Copper Canyon. They have never been exposed to our modern world practices and they have had an unchanged lifestyle for ages.

  • They are not violent and they do not fight. They never entered into any conflict with the conquistadors. They hid in the Copper Canyon where they still live today.
  • They are running mega-marathons not marathons. The act of running is part of their daily life and they do it with a sense of freedom and joy a smile printed on their face.
  • They are free from our modern diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, cholesterol, clinical depression, etc...

Meet Stephane 

Who Designed This Unique Approach To Lifestyle

Stephane Thiltgen is a transformational “lifestyle coach” who helps people from all walks of life find their balance through his unique holistic approach interrelating exercise (particularly running), mindfulness/mind training, the science of breathing, nutrition principles, the science of sleep, and other supporting habits: The Tao Lifestyle™.

He coaches executives and business leaders in high-pressure jobs to deal with stress. By incorporating the principles of Tao Lifestyle ™, individuals reconnect to their whole person and gain better health, fitness, balance, productivity @ work, and wellbeingTao Lifestyle™ emphasizes heavily on creating synergies between mind, body, and soul which come together crucially to help strike the ideal balance.

Coming from the corporate world, Stephane has a deep understanding of the many challenges one can face. Living a wholesome life can be challenging and Stephane is living proof of how one can alter their lifestyle to strike the balance.

certified Holistic Health Coach - trained in more than 100 nutrition theories, a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Lean Six Sigma black belt, passionate about running and endurance mastery, neuroscience, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep science, Stephane can understand the many challenges one faces. His lifelong and continuous quest to be a better version of himself led him to famous thought leaders like Robin Sharma, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony Robbins, S.N. Goenka, and many others.

He channels his deep understanding of exercise, nutrition, and meditation through his unique approach to everyday life. A popular speaker in Kuala Lumpur, Stephane is regularly called to address corporates and the staff at wellness centers. He works actively with corporates to help their staff unleash their fullest potential.

In his free time, Stephane loves running alone outdoor to connect with himself and the nature around him. Although originally from Belgium, he has made Malaysia his home for well over one decade. A passionate healthy & simple food cook, Stephane loves researching and testing new recipes. For more information on his history, background, and these detailed skills 

For more information on his history, background, and these detailed skills:

Stephane is regularly invited to speak for corporations, wellness organizations, professional associations about his holistic approach

Stephane won his first participation in an Ultra Trail following his effortless approach to running

Tao of Running -

10 Week Transformation

A Fit Body, A Sharp Mind, A Happy Soul!

Design Your Lifestyle With The Tools And Strategies That Stephane Has Used to GuidePeople With Stressful And Challenging Life To Effortlessly Transform Their Whole Person ForVibrant Health, Enhanced Performance, and Wellbeing.

What is this 10-week program about and what makes it unique…

Tao of Running 10-Week Transformation IS NOT a running/fitness program to become a better runner, nor a meditation program to learn how to practice mindfulness, nor a program to teach you good nutrition or sleep habits. IT IS ALL OF THAT AND MORE THAN THAT! It is a holistic Life Transforming Program to become healthier (while losing weight in the process…), fitter, mentally sharper and productive, and ultimately more fulfilled!!!

Tao of Running ™ offers a unique step by step and  systematized approach combining and interrelating:

  • Running techniques and endurance mastery principles to run in a more “natural way” (see Tao Lifestyle Philosophy - Born To Move)
  • Advanced breathing & mind training techniques (e.g., mindfulness of breathing, mindfulness of the body, NLP strategies and tools, neuroscience, the science of happiness, the science of breathing) to improve your mental & emotional well-being (see Tao Lifestyle Philosophy - Brain Plasticity)
  • Nutritional and sleep principles and advice to support the journey and give you a “sense of direction” to deal in a better way with the tons of often confusing and contradicting information available out there
  • Change management tools & techniques to create and reinforce new positive habits (to become a real “Practice”)

Experience A Holistic Transformation In 4 Key Areas



Brain Performance

Inner Happiness

How This Program Will Transform You

Weight loss

Optimize your body in a fat-burning machine for healthy and sustained weight loss and upgraded energy 

Enhanced creativity

Create "space" to allow the dots to connect  in your brain for creativity to happen

Unleashed "sense of freedom" and mind-body connection

Increase balance, harmony, peace of mind and listen to the body's intuitive messages

Boosted and stabilized
energy level

Result of better stress management, regular exercise, better quality sleep and good nutrition

Upgraded fitness level & health

Feel and be younger than your age, enjoy your body in movement

Reduced stress, anxiety, worries

Upgrade your Brain for increased resilience and happiness

Boosted Positive Mood

Keep a smile on your face during and after your running sessions

Reduced opportunities of injuries

Learn a more natural way of running with less impact and a better flow of energy

Reinforced Immune System

Increase your resistance to illness and disease

Build positive feelings and emotions about running

-Increase joy, peace, and harmony

-Remove fears and beliefs of suffering often associated with running 

Increased focus and concentration at work

Improve productivity, enhance memory, enable better decision making

Better Running Efficiency

Run Faster with less energy

Here is how the program is structured:

Module 1 - Introduction to the Holistic Transformation Approach & Preparation


This module sets the tone for the program and helps create bonding between the different participants. At the end of this module you will:

  • Know my story from a competitive & ego-driven runner to an "effortless runner”
  • Understand why our fast-paced society can be misleading for your health/well-being
  • Understand why the Tao of Running is an appropriate vehicle to bring (back) balance, harmony, fitness, health, mental performance, and well-being into your life
  • Question and start removing limiting beliefs and myths about health and well-being
  • Understand the Tao philosophy and the guiding principles of the approach
  • Refine your goals & objectives in taking part in this program
  • Understand the logistic & organizational details for the following modules

Module 2 - Body Training - Part 1

WEEKS 2 & 3

In weeks 2 and 3, you'll build the foundations to run in a more “natural way” and start collecting numerous underlying benefits (e.g. reduce injuries, improve running efficiency). You will also start to make running "stick" into your life

Module 2 is conducted on week 2. At the end of module 2 you will:

  • Understand what to do for warm-up, core run, and cool down
  • Know the typical root causes of running injuries and lack of enjoyment
  • Know the foundations for a good posture/running form 
  • Have tips to start creating routines and habits to make running “stick” to your life
  • Apply learned techniques during the “on the run” coaching session

After module 2, the participants are invited to practice the learning to condition body and mind to the techniques. There are regular interactions with the coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program. There is no formal module on week 3

Module 3 - Mind Training - Mindfulness

WEEKS 4 & 5

While you continue the practices you learned in weeks 2 and 3, you’ll learn in weeks 4 and 5 how to increase attention & be more aware of the present moment & body sensations while running. Underlying benefits are better concentration, reduced stress & anxiety, better sleep, more joy in the process.

At the end of module 3 you will:

  • Be able to define and demystify “mindfulness”
  • Understand how to train your mind to be more mindful – inside/outside of a running context
  • Apply learned techniques during the “on the run” coaching session

After module 3, the participants are invited to practice the learning to condition body and mind to these new techniques. There are regular interactions with the coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos, and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program. There is no formal module on week 5

Module 4- Heart Training 


In week 6 of the program, you’ll build on the knowledge of the 5 previous weeks and learn how to use heart rate monitoring strategies to practice running to rebalance your nervous system. This is a pre-requisite to enable different experiences for your body-mind system (e.g. the zone/ ”flow”, increase creativity, improve intuition)

At the end of module 4 you will:

  • Understand the roles played by different nervous systems for your health & well-being
  • Understand the links between the breathing function & heart function
  • Understand how to practice running to lose weight healthily and become a fat-burning machine
  • See the link between the “heart rate zones” and different types of running experiences
  • Have calculated your personal “heart rate zones” and use an heart rate monitor to enable various running experiences
  • Apply learned techniques during the “on the run” coaching session

After module 4, the participants are invited to practice the learning to condition body and mind to these new techniques. There are regular interactions with the coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos, and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program.

Module 5 - Nutrition Principles


In week 7, you'll create a bridge between how you exercise, as per the learning since the beginning of the program, and your eating behaviors. This learning is not so much focused on telling you what to eat /not to eat and giving you some meal plans. Everybody is different so the food choices as well. It is more about giving you nutrition principles to be able to choose your food appropriately and improve your ability to change bad eating habits. This will increase the positive impact already noticed since the beginning of the program on your weight, energy level, sleep, brain performance, mood, and overall well-being.

At the end of module 5 you will:

  • Understand how to combine exercise and nutrition principles to lose weight healthily and sustain it over time
  • Understand more about the myths spread by the food, fitness, and medical industries that keep you prisoners of your old bad habits
  • Understand the differences between sugar burning metabolism and fat burning one
  • Learn and apply a simple and powerful technique to break bad eating habits

After module 5, the participants are invited to practice the learning to condition body and mind to these new techniques. There are regular interactions with the coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos, and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program.

Module 6 - Body Training - Part 2

WEEKS 8 & 9

In weeks 8 and 9, you'll learn new running techniques, mind training techniques and strength/mobility exercises to bring your running efficiency and enjoyment to another level and increasingly experience the "flow" while running: The Art of "effortless running" Module 6 is conducted on week 8.

At the end of module 6 you will: 

  • Know some new running techniques, mind training techniques, and mobility/strength exercises to enable the energy to flow more smoothly in the body-mind system
  • Understand how these principles can be applied in your running practice to become a "whole runner" when the body and mind are working as a single entity
  • Have done a video for running form analysis
  • Apply learned techniques during the “on the run” coaching session

After module 6, the participants are invited to practice the learning to condition body and mind to the techniques. There are regular interactions with the coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos, and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program. There is no formal module on week 9.

Module 7 - Mastering Your Own Journey


This last week of the program, you will review the resources you have to make sure you sustain the continuous improvement journey (“Kaizen” in Japanese) to ultimately reach mastery level with the additional underlying benefits. It becomes a lifestyle: The Tao Lifestyle

- A fit body, a sharp mind, a happy soul!

At the end of this last module you will:

  • Receive a video montage to provide you feedback on posture and running form and to summarize the remaining opportunities for improvement.
  • Envision how your practice will evolve with your level of mastery
  • Have reviewed the benefits of the program at this stage and the ones resulting from increasing your level of mastery of ToR practice

What Participants Say

Eloise Welfare

Technical Director

Ana Alvares

Managing Director

Laurent Duvillier

Chief Communication

"This program was the turning point of my life ! I highly recommend it !"

Rebhia Ghezali
CFO Middle East and North Africa Region - International SOS

"Seeing the transformation that the Tao of running made in the lives and running techniques of my colleagues, I decided to give it a go.I had two goals - learn to enjoy running and to be mindful. Thanks to Stephane I achieved both with the added bonus of sleeping better too!Stephane knows his stuff, cares about your success, and gives you options to adapt what he teaches to your lifestyle"

Marianne Clark
Representative Unicef Armenia - UNICEF

“Thanks Stephane for the support, inspiration, and coaching…From panting at 400 meters to running my 1st 6km, then 10km, 15km, and finally a Half Marathon, it has been an amazing journey…I could not have dreamt of this in just 4 months…The best part is how I do not experience any pain after all the runs thanks to the preparation, training regime, and techniques imparted…. I went around Melaka the whole day after my 15km and did the same in Ipoh after my 21km… Essentially means I ran for myself and spent the rest of the day with family… This means all parties are happy!Finally, you were not just a Running Coach. I always refer to you as a Lifestyle Coach to my friends. From nutrition to running and mental conditioning, you really supported me through this journey with the right amount of tips. Thanks a lot!“Note: Rohit lost 19 kgs in about 8 months by combining running, mindfulness, and nutrition new habits

Rohit Nambiar
Group CEO - Tune Protect Group

"I have been running for a long time, albeit sometimes more regularly than others. I typically hit the road when my body asked for it. This was like a call for a physical "detox".However, depending on how long it was since my last run, I often came up with the desire to give it all out, push it to the limits. In some ways, I guess to compensate for the "feel bad" sentiment that I could have for not being active for a while. Surely then my body let me know that I went too far, with heart rate hitting the ceiling and legs aching after the run.Tao of Running opened my eyes to a better approach. First by going back to basics and (re)learning how to run properly, but then by opening a door to another dimension, linking up body and mind. The latest is most certainly the largest benefit from taking on this course, as it allowed me to learn and practice how to better be in sync with myself during my sessions.The enjoyment during my practice is by far greater, as I can now exercise, relax my mind and feel good in one go. I am looking forward to fine tuning my experience using Tao of Running techniques."

Laurent Maillefer
VP Robotics - ABB

"Running is something I have been practicing to some extent, occasionally and on rather short distances. I felt good about some of the runs, and not so good about others. I was sometimes tired, sometimes not. I also wondered whether the way I was running was 'right' or 'wrong'.Then, I followed Stephane's program. What a chance and a revelation. Thanks to Stephane's well-thought program, I got the opportunity to progressively understand what I can feel during a run and why, and how to better enjoy my runs so that it naturally pushes me to do more of them.You may have heard or gone through other programs before, but the uniqueness of Tao of Running is the strong link that it progressively establishes between physical activity and the impact on the mind. Today, I can sense my positive emotions and put them in a broader context that I never experienced before meditation. And enjoy running to its full extent.I recommend Stephane's program to anyone who wants to improve his running skills and capitalize on them to develop a positive mindset, and anyone who always wondered about what benefits running can bring to his/her life."

Business Development Director - Nokia

"Stephane is truly passionate about running and he's contagious.I would have never thought that I would actually "enjoy" running one day. I am 37 years old and I have done more running in the last 12 months than in the previous 36 years combined.With the Tao of Running coaching sessions, I have learned how to run in harmony with my body and with my mind. I can now go for long runs lasting 2-3 hours and finish refreshed and energized.Simply amazing!"

Denis Manigart
Regional Sales Manager - BS&B

From 'I HAVE to run' to 'I WANT to run'!"I started to run occasionally almost two years ago when I was in my early 40s and realized that some physical exercise should be good, not only for my body but also for my mind.From a practical perspective, running was the most convenient activity as I could practice it whenever and wherever and could be easily accommodated within my existing (and busy) professional and personal life. However, unlike other types of sports which I used to practice and enjoy, running was an activity that I hated all my life. It became like a sort of a challenge: the more I run the more I hated it.Then, I stopped for a while, but I felt guilty and restarted again, but again I stopped, restarted, stopped… Then, by coincidence, I came across Tao of Running.Stephane is a passionate trainer and teacher. His knowledge and his background are amazingly broad and his statements and pieces of advice are deeply supported. Through his coaching sessions, I progressively started to feel what he was telling in the 'classes' was not any more theory but real.Following Stephane's techniques and mindfulness advice I've started to run smoothly, wisely, aware of my physical sensations, then the overall benefits flew naturally.Personally, I am feeling healthier, with more confidence as my physical condition has improved; it has also impacted positively my professional life as my levels of stress have decreased and mindfulness has helped to analyze obstacles and behaviors from a different perspective, resulting in better overall performance."

Ana Alvarez
Business Development Director Malaysia - Airbus

“I have completed 4 marathons and yet this program helped me learn to love running so much more!For the first time I can do long runs without the need for music, and just totally enjoy the rhythm of my heart, the scenery, the cadence of my run. Mindfulness helps not just in running but in other areas of my life as well.Thanks Tao of Running ! Thank you for your coaching, Stephane !”

Joy Santamarina
Chief Transformation Officer - Energy Development Corporation

“Go for it if you haven't tried it yet!Stephane's intelligent and very professional coaching allowed me to overcome my stress and give me the boost I was lacking! Excellent training for both body and mind! My husband is in it too!In short, Stéphane deserves his excellent reputation."

Nathalie Arbefeuille
Business owner

"When I decided to join this program, I could understand the benefits of running for physical and mental health but I was not doing it because I was finding running to be painful and not pleasant.After this program, I am convinced that running is a natural and pleasant thing. I now find a sense of well-being and accomplishment in the activity of running.Else, I'm still struggling practicing mindfulness but I have the feeling to be at the beginning of a mindful journey!"

Antoinr Comar
Regional Head of Logistics Operations - Lazada

Click The Enroll Button Below Or Contact Me Directly For A Manual Registration & Take Part In Tao of Running - 10 Week Transformation 

Let me ask you what a life with 1) vibrant health - including a drastic reduction in medical costs- 2) with the energy and the brainpower to accomplish what truly counts to you and, all of this, 3) while being connected with your inner source of happiness is worth to you?

 RM 10,000? RM 100,000? RM 1,000,000? Probably more... This program will enable you to design and sustain your lifestyle to make your life better than you could ever imagine.

As we have to put a money amount on it, so we will...

 If I estimate the value based on the time I spend to prepare and conduct the 7 training & coaching sessions, for the continuous support in between the modules, for the preparation of the video montage to assess the running techniques, to prepare the logbooks, coaching cards, I estimate this program at a value of RM2,750 - without taking in consideration the lifetime access to the weekly run considered as a bonus.

This price is really under the value of the transformative benefits that you can testimony from the numerous past participants. I feel invested in a mission to pass these skills and knowledge that took me 25 years to build during my personal quest with all the ups and down to others. I take that mission very seriously, and that’s why it’s very important to me, that you take this course.

So, I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen! Instead of the tuition being RM2,750 considering a cost-based approach in place of value to transform your life, I will reduce the tuition by RM1,300.

So, the investment to transform your health and wellbeing for a lifetime is only RM1,450 [USD350], a reduction of about 45 % of the estimated cost-based value as my gift to you.

A new group starts on April 16th, 2022. The theory of the modules will be conducted in a training room of Damansara Heights Community Center and the practical coaching sessions for running  will be in the streets of Damansara Heights. 

Here is the schedule of the 7 modules for the 10 weeks:

Module 1– Tao of Running Approach: April 16th @ 9 am 

Module 2 – Body Training:  April 23rd @ 8 am 

Module 3 – Mind Training: May 7th @ 8 am 

Module 4 – Heart Training: May 21st @ 8 am

Module 5 – Nutrition Principles:  May 28th @ 8 am

Module 6 – Becoming a "whole runner": May 21st @ 8 am

Module 7 – Mastering ToR Journey:  June 18th @ 8 am

If you have any remaining questions and/or if you prefer a manual registration and payment, please send me a note to stephane@tao-lifestyle.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Note: This 10-Week Transformation Program:

  • Can be open for a group in a chosen location during weekdays
  • Is available on a private (personalized -1 0n 1 ) version
  • Can be conducted 1) remote by video calling and 2) in French 


Here Is What You Will Get for Your Investment When You Enroll

  • 7 training & coaching group sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours (mix of theory and “on the run” coaching) typically scheduled on Saturdays
  • Access to reading material, videos, apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program
  • Set of digital Coaching Cards sent at the end of each session to support the coaching process
  • 10-Week Program Logbook to guide personal training sessions in between the modules (typically 3 sessions/week) and record personal experience
  • 1 video montage for running form analysis to provide feedback on improvement opportunities
  • Regular interactions with the ToR Coach to share your challenges and progress
  • Lifetime access to the Weekly Run* (organized different days of the week – in morning/evening time): 1-hour fun group run for all old and new participants (locations are in different green areas of Kuala Lumpur (e.g. Lake Garden, TTDI park, Titiwangsa park) - Lifetime )

* Valid only for participants who live in Kuala Lumpur, not for the students engaged in the remote version of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

10 Week Transformation

Question 1: How are you different than other health and performance coaches out there?

According to the Tao philosophy and many others pearls of traditional wisdoms, everything is inter-connected. This is valid at a human being level as well. The way you exercise, the way you breathe, how you sleep, what and how you eat, the way you use your brain, and so on... everything is inter-related. One of the key strengths of this approach is that it helps each participant to connect the dots to balance the different pillars and avoid/reduce "internal frictions".

Guiding participants on how to create these bridges to interrelate and align the different pillars reinforce the transformation effect is the main difference and key strength of this approach. Along with the program, they incrementally find in their inner resources how to balance better their life to move the needles of fitness, health, brain performance, and well-being in the right direction for their specific needs.

Question 2: Is this program open to beginners? I am a complete novice.

Yes, it is. The program is not focused on performance but on improving health/well-being through the practice of running first. Each participant will have a different level of fitness and experience related to running, meditation/mind training techniques, breathing techniques, nutrition and sleep sciences, and so on. The program focuses on providing tools and techniques to better listen to the body and connect body and mind to progress at the right pace based on the level of fitness of each participant.

By enjoying the practice, it motivates the practitioners to do more of it and the performance becomes a natural outcome of the regular practice.

Some participants have never run in their life and might start by mixing walking and running at the beginning. Other participants have already run [half-full] marathon(s) and want to enjoy more their runs, prevent injuries, be less tired, have more efficient running techniques. The challenge is more for me during the “on-the-run coaching” sessions as I have to manage the differences of fitness level between the participants to spend some time with everybody -:) 

Question 3: Can you tell me more about how the program works during the 10 weeks?

The Tao of Running Transformation program is a 10-week journey towards elevating your fitness, health, mental performance, and overall well-being. During 10 weeks (can be adjusted for a 1 on 1 program), you will experience a fulfilling sense of incremental progress towards your specific goals.

During that period, you will:

  • Take part in 7 training and coaching sessions (1.5 to 2.5 hours per session mixing theory and “on the run coaching”). In between the sessions, you will receive guidance on how to practice on your own (usually 3 times a week) to build the knowledge into your mind-body and transform it into skills.
  • Have the key slides of the training material for the 7 modules in a PDF format.
  • Have regular interactions with the ToR Coach to share your challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program.
  • Have a set of coaching cards to support the personal practice and the 10 Week Transformation Program logbook to support the personal practice.
  • Receive a video montage to provide feedback on posture and running form and summarize remaining opportunities of improvement at the end of the program.
  • Be invited to the weekly group run in which all the old and new participants since the creation of the program in 2015 are invited to join (You will continue to be invited to this weekly run after the end of the program).

By the end of the program, you will have initiated the transformation and will experience an increased fitness, health, sense of balance and well-being to motivate you to continue in this direction. It will become an entirely new lifestyle!

Question 4: How can you say if this program will work for me?

Stephane has iteratively built this transformative approach over more than 20 years of a personal quest to improve his own health and well-being (you can read his story for additional details). The strategies and tools are backed by science, and, Stephane has developed skills (most of them certified) in many areas of health, performance, and wellbeing like running, NLP, mindfulness, nutrition science, the science of endurance mastery, the sleep science, the science of breathing, the science of happiness, neuroscience, change management... (you can see read about his credential in Stephane's profile).

Also, the numerous testimonials given during these last 4 years (you can read some in the praise section) can give you a good flavor of the effectiveness of this program. 

Question 5: Does it include running sessions in group?

The introductory module (module 1) does not include running. Modules 2 to 7 include theory and the practical part of running (except for video conference programs) - in a group for group programs and coaching in 1 on 1 for the private version. These sessions take place in Damansara Heights or Lake Gardens for the programs organized on Saturday morning. Weekly group run sessions are also organized on weekdays between modules (see question 3). 

Each module generally has a duration of 2 to 2.5 hours. Each participant receives a logbook at the start of the program with specific advice on how to practice and integrate learning during personal practice between modules (advised to practice 3 times a week). In addition, coaching cards - digital version for video conference programs- are given at the end of each module to support / reinforce personal practice and there are regular WhatsApp interactions between modules for participants to ask questions and help them meet their specific challenges.

Question 6: What happens if I am not available for a particular module ? [Question for group programs]

There are several possible scenarios:

  • Many people can't make that day, we simply reschedule to a date that fits all.
  • We organize a short conf call (e.g., Zoom) to go through the key slides of the theory with you and I spend more attention during the following group run of the following module or during the weekly run (if you can make it).
  • If I happen to have another group having the same module at a close by date either in person or by skype, you can join that session.
  • Last option, if the person wants it, we can organize a complete 1 on 1 session of the module at a convenient date (For this option an additional fee will be applied to the normal group program fee).