ToR Programs Can Be Conducted Remotely By Video Calling

Laetitia Bouazza

“ I stumbled upon Stéphane’s facebook page by chance and reading through it got me interested. I then checked his website and I contacted him to see if I could do the programme from abroad (I live in Belgium).
After telling him what my goals were I started the 10 weeks training. My objectives were to 1) stop hating to run 2) connect my body and mind. I did not aim at running a marathon but simply to start enjoying the act of running. I received really more than expected!
Stephane was really committed in this long distance training; He shared his well organised programme with me as well as some very valuable and interesting videos and articles. I really enjoyed the means of communication we used (Skype and WhatsApp). All and all I highly recommend this programme and most importantly the trainer Stéphane. Thanks to him running is no longer a chore! 
[Program conducted between Kuala Lumpur & Brussels by video calls ]

Manish Chopra

“ Stephane did an amazing job of training me for my first marathon!
As an amateur runner, I had little knowledge of what it takes to train for an endurance event.  Stephane’s step-by-step guidance and especially the holistic mind-body approach really appealed to me and it enabled me to feel confident and prepared for running the distance.
Stephane also enabled me to learn a lot about the fundamentals that underpin athletic activity and allowed me to self-discover the joys of running long distance.
I recommend Stephane enthusiastically for those looking for a unique and personalized coaching for mindful running!”
[10 Week Transformation Program & Marathon Preparation coaching were conducted between Kuala Lumpur & New York by video calls ]

Michèle Gilles

“ The benefits I have gained from this program are immense and unexpected when I started. I have replaced my old sentence “running is not for me. I hate it ” with “I cannot wait to go for my run!
I strongly recommend this program to everyone. I have learned to listen better my body messages and how not to make the mistakes that many make through ignorance and misinformation.
I am surprising myself of the distance that I can run today with pleasure. I also practice mindfulness on a daily basis.
Thank you Stéphane for this discovery and for giving me the tools to make running a moment of pleasure and mental rest. Thank you for your listening and your availability as a coach!
[Program conducted between Kuala Lumpur & Liège (Belgium) by video calls ]

Alame Aramazani

“ I took part in ToR 10 week program remotely to prepare for the running part (20 kms)  of a Spartan race. ToR gave me a total different perspective of what running can be. What used to be a pain became a pleasure in a matter of weeks.  
My old me would have been stressed for weeks before the race but it was not the case. I was ready to enjoy the race and it is what I did whatever the obstacles that came on my way
Additionally, I feel more relaxed and I have a better awareness of my body in my daily life. Until today, I am amazed by this discovery and I am now considering running even longer distances
Thank you Stephane for your secret weapon ToR!
[Program conducted between Kuala Lumpur & Penang by video calls ]

Marie Turbang

“Thanks to Stephane, I have learned what running is in essence.
His approach to connect body and mind and his techniques have helped me to enjoy running while being in the present moment.
Running is now part of my life and I am very grateful to Stephane for this gift. Due to the distance (I am in Luxembourg), we have made the program via Skype and it has been really successful.
Stephane is a wonderful person, a great teacher, always receptive and available for any question or discussion. It has been an amazing experience for me and I recommend his programs to anyone who desires to enjoy running.
Hat’s off to you, Stephane!
[Program conducted between Kuala Lumpur & Luxembourg by video calls ]

Bruno Vanhoucke

“The ToR 10 Week Transformation Program has completely changed my running experience.
Before the program, I was applying a “no pain, no gain” approach to running. I had to force myself to run 3-5 kms knowing that it was making me tired and moody
I just finished the program and now I can easily run 10 -12 km. I can say that running helps me to rejuvenate my body and mind, to feel happier and more energized. I have also lost a few kgs in the process
[Program conducted between Kuala Lumpur & Singapore by video calls ]

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Rebiha Ghezali

“  This program was the turning point of my life! I highly recommend it !

Deborah Whitehead

“  I had a major surgery a few months prior to starting the ToR program.
I wanted to improve my techniques to be able to use running as a way to comeback in better shape.
With ToR, I learnt the way to run without stressing my body. It has now become a habit that I practice in average 3 or 4 times a week and I feel fitter, more energized and I have started losing weight in the process.

Alexandra Le Vaillant

“ Stephane’s approach to running is truly unique. Positive, enthusiastic, attentive and encouraging, he does miracles (really).
For personal reasons, I did not practice as regularly as advised during this program and I cannot say that running has become a habit yet.  But, this program has really reconciled me with running.
When I practice, it is not a pain anymore. The only thing I remember at the end of a session is a feeling of well-being that will take me all the day. It overturns everything one might think to know about running and the approach of a sporting activity in general.
Likewise, ToR goes further than the activity of running. It opens a larger view to life and how a lot of things are integrated. It is similar to a rippling effect. For example, it opened my mind to the fact that I need to structure and organize my personal life a different way if I want to build a long term balance and create a habit so that running becomes an integral part of my life.”

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