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Redesign your lifestyle to feel your best and perform at your peak at work! 

Program Purpose

As a leader or entrepreneur, you require a fully optimized brain - a "whole brain" - capable of handling complex problem-solving, high stress, competing demands, driving creativity and inspiration, being empathetic and effective in decision-making.

But, today's fast-paced, volatile, and demanding world, can make it difficult to nurture your brain/mind's full potential. That's where the Tao of Peak Performance™ comes in.

This holistic transformation program combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research in the fields of body, heart, breathing, brain/mind, nutrition, and sleep to help you develop habits and routines that lead to a healthier, fitter, sharper, more balanced, and more fulfilled version of yourself.

Recent studies (*) have shown that developing "whole brain" skills is essential to excel in the main leadership practices and leads to significant improvements in revenue and profitability growth."

With Tao of Peak Performance™, you will not only optimize your brain for performance, but also be more balanced, healthier and feel at your best!

(*) Sources:  The Mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs”_McKinsey Quarterly October 2019 | “striking balance with Whole Brain Leadership” published in June 2019  Accenture Strategy

Unlocking Health and Peak Performance: How Leaders Can Benefit from Tao of Peak Performance

Tao of Peak Performance™ is the ideal program for individuals who work in high-pressure environments and refuse to compromise their health. They are committed to enhancing their wellbeing, resilience, happiness, and performance.

This program is especially suitable for the following individuals:

  • C-suite executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High-profile project teams working on challenging assignments (e.g. management consultants).

Tao of Peak Performance™ is designed to help leaders enhance their overall well-being, resilience, happiness, and performance by accessing the scientifically-proven "flow" state in a sustainable way, both in and out of work. This optimal state of consciousness leads to mental peak performance and inner fulfillment.

When body and mind become ONE in the present moment, action and mindfulness co-exist, time slows down, and the inner voice chatter fades away. This releases happy and performance hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and others.

By participating in Tao of Peak Performance™, leaders can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased ability to access the "flow" state
  • Improved mental and emotional engagement
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and worries
  • Enhanced sleep quantity and quality
  • Improved physical fitness, health, and overall well-being
  • More balanced and effortless state of mind (calmer, clearer, more resilient)
  • Enhanced creativity, inspiration, and ability for complex problem solving and decision-making
  • Increased sense of purpose and deeper connections with themselves and others
  • Unlocked and boosted inner energy for sustainable peak performance

Ultimately, the "whole leader" transformation can lead to a "whole business" transformation. By prioritizing personal health and well-being, leaders can achieve better work performance, resulting in more engaged and motivated teams, higher employee retention, and increased ROI. In short, the benefits of a "whole leader" transformation extend far beyond the individual, positively impacting the teams and the business as a whole (*).

(*) Reference Beyond Performance 2.0: A Proven Approach to Leading Large-Scale Change. Beyond Performance 2.0, backed by rigorous studies and facts about business long term performance concluded that businesses more than double their odds of successfully leading significant, sustainable change by applying equal levels of insight and rigor to the “hard” and “soft” elements that matter.

Leaders of leading corporations benefited from this transformative approach: 

What Leaders Say About Their Transformation...

Discover the Ultimate Formula for Leadership Success with this Structured and Scientific Holistic program

At its core, the program recognizes the interconnected nature of healthhappinesswork performance, and fulfillment, and the importance of striking a balance between them.

It brings together vanguard science, and traditional wisdom under practical tools and techniques to help leaders achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally.

This scientific and structured program combines and interrelates:

  • Movement and exercise practices that generate vibrant energy and enhance brain function, drawing on cutting-edge research in movement and sport science, as well as endurance mastery techniques.
  • Mind training techniques and tools, such as the science of performance, the science of happiness, NLP, neuroscience, and mindfulness, to rewire the brain for optimal performance and well-being.
  • Nutrition principles that support mind-body transformation, drawing on over 100 holistic health theories to help individuals find their optimal path.
  • The science of sleep and recovery principles to support the mind-body transformation and ensure restorative periods for maximum performance.
  • Change management techniques and holistic coaching to help individuals translate intellectual understanding into long-term habits and routines that stick and promote growth over time.

Here is an Overview on how the Transformation Journey Unfolds...

The Tao of Peak Performance™ holistic program empowers leaders to optimize their health, well-being, and work performance by developing habits and routines that manage and nurture 4 interconnected domains of energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This comprehensive program consists of 8 to 11 modules, each lasting 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and spanning over a duration of 10 to 15 weeks.

These modules are structured around 4 pillars and a transformation engine that together create a solid foundation for vibrant, sustained peak performance as per bellow: 

Body Training Pillar: 

Develop different forms of fitness through various types of movements and exercises to impact positively on mind peak performance and improve overall fitness, health and well-being ("whole fitness")

Mind Training Pillar : 

Learn to practice different forms of awareness in different contexts of life, and other scientifically proven mind training techniques, such as NLP, the science of happiness, and the science of breathing, to rewire the "whole brain" for more balance, to improve resilience, and to experience more regular brain peak performance and fulfillment states (e.g., flow state).

Heart Training Pillar : 

Learn the roles played by different nervous systems and their connection to enhance health, performance, and well-being.

Use heart rate monitoring and breathing strategies while exercising to help rebalance the nervous system.

Supporting Pillar (Nutrition and Sleep) :  

Learn key nutrition tenets to navigate smoothly with the tons of myths and contradicting information out there and align your nutrition decisions to meet personal specific needs.

Learn principles and techniques to improve the quality quantity of sleep.

Understand how nutrition and sleep relate to the other mind-body training modules and create healthy supporting habits to reinforce the mind-body transformation for peak performance and fulfillment.

Transformation Engine : 

The program also includes change management techniques and neuroscience principles to incrementally condition the mind-body to move from intellectual knowledge to practical experience and finally become a real transformation as a "whole leader."

Objective and subjective Key Health & Performance Indicators (KHPI) can be collected and tracked during and after the program: 

  • A logbook and coaching cards are used as support for the duration of the program to help journal personal experience and track progress in different areas.
  • Additional resources (e.g. reading material, videos, apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program) are shared every few days to reinforce the motivation and check progress.
  • Follow up sessions can be conducted periodically after the program to make sure the transformation stick and the virtuous circle continues to grow over time.

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