Tao of Peak Performance  [for leaders]

Harness the power of your whole mind-body to feel at your best and perform at your peak! 

Program Purpose

Leaders need a balanced, resilient, and peak performing brain (a "whole brain") for problem-solving, learning abilities, soft skills required for leadership and teamwork, flexibility/adaptability, decision making from various perspectives, creativity, and intuition.

In our fast-paced highly demanding modern world, leaders are entangled between loneliness at the top, increasingly complex problems to address, and high demand for attention from various internal and external stakeholders. Multi-tasking, difficulties to have family time, less face-to-face connections, out of touch with their biological rhythm, reduced sleeping hours are challenges often encountered by leaders and they can become depressed, anxious, burnt out, chronically stressed, or unhappy. Tao of PeakPerformance™ holistic transformation program was specially designed to address that! 

Tao of Peak Performance creates a bridge between old wisdom and vanguard sciences related to the body, heart, breathing, brain/mind, nutrition, sleep to help leaders develop and sustain habits and routines in their life to become fitter and healthier (“whole fitness”), sharper more resilient and more balanced (“whole mind”) and ultimately a happier and more fulfilled version of themselves! (“whole leader”)

In a recent McKinsey study(*) of over 25 years with 7,800 CEOs, they concluded that excellent CEOs need a certain mindset and adhere to 18 practices related to their responsibilities. After analysing with attention these 18 practices, we can say that excellence in more than half of these 18 practices is dependent on a well-balanced and peak performing brain. 

Another Accenture study with 200 C-suite executives and over 11,400 employees (**) concluded that leadership teams that develop “whole brain” skills outperform in average by 22% of revenue growth and 34 % of profitability growth as measured by EBITDA.

* “The Mindsets and practices of excellent CEOs”_McKinsey Quarterly October 2019

** “striking balance with Whole Brain Leadership” published in June 2019, Accenture Strategy

Leaders and senior leaders of leading corporations have chosen the Tao approach to vibrant peak performance and fulfilment:

Leaders Profiles

Tao of Peak Performance is specifically designed for people who are working under high pressure in an increasingly demanding environment and don't want to sacrifice their health. They want to improve their resilience, happiness, and performance.

Tao of Peak Performance™ participants want to be:

  • Physically fitter & healthier
  • Mentally sharper & more balanced
  • More connected with themselves, others and able to unleash their inner energy

Typically, the people who will benefit the most from this holistic program are:

  • C level suite
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High-profile project teams designated to challenging work (e.g. management consultants).

What is this Tao of Peak Performance™ program about and what makes it UNIQUE

Healthhappinesswork performance and fulfilment are all interconnected. Cultivating these different elements, and finding some balance between them is key for a leader to bring success into his/her personal life and his organization and to sustain it over time.

This scientific program combines and interrelates:

  • Movements and exercise practices to generate vibrant energy and bring the brain in the right conditions for peak performance and fulfilment (e.g. movement and sport science, endurance mastery techniques)
  • Mind training techniques and tools (e.g. the science of performance, the science of happiness, NLP, neuroscience, mindfulness) to rewire the brain for the better
  • Nutrition principles to support mind-body transformation (note: I have learned more than 100 theories during my holistic health coach certification to help individuals find what works for them and give them a “sense of direction”)
  • Science of sleep and recovery principles to support the mind-body transformation
  • Change management techniques and holistic coaching to bring the learning from intellectual understanding to habits and routines that stick and grow over time

How leaders benefit from this program:

A key outcome of this program is the ability to increasingly access the “flow” state (or “zone”) inside and outside of work-life in a sustainable way.

The “flow” is scientifically proven to lead to mental peak performance and inner fulfilment. In the flow, the “whole person” is engaged physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is an optimal state of consciousness that happens when body and mind become ONE in the present moment. It is a state where action and mindfulness co-exist, time slows down, and the inner voice chatter progressively fades away leading to the release in the brain of happy and performance hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and others…

Here are the typical benefits that leaders can expect in taking part into Tao of Peak Performance™ program:

Calmer and clearer mind

For better decision making

Enhanced creativity

As a result of enhanced focus and concentration

Boosted vibrant energy

Increased energy level and stability

Increased mental resilience

More endurance and determination

Increased creativity

And ability to see problems from different perspectives

Increased intuition

And mind-body connection

Better ability to adapt

Deal better with uncertainty, let go 

Reduced stress

And related anxiety, worries, mood disorders, better sleep

Increased sense of purpose

Increased positive mood 

Increased engagement

Reduced days of absence 

Less frequently sick and for shorter duration

Ultimately, the “whole leader” transformation [balancing personal health and wellbeing with work performance] benefits the “whole business” transformation [balancing business performance with business health (*)] through the higher engagement of teams, growth, higher employee retention, … resulting in increased ROI and business long term sustainability

(*) Reference Beyond Performance 2.0: A Proven Approach to Leading Large-Scale Change. Beyond Performance 2.0, backed by rigorous studies and facts about business long term performance concluded that businesses more than double their odds of successfully leading significant, sustainable change by applying equal levels of insight and rigor to the “hard” and “soft” elements that matter.


Approach & content of this program

Tao of Peak Performance™ holistic program is designed to guide leaders in developing habits and routines to manage and nurture 4 domains of energy that interconnect and reinforce each other’s: physical energymental energyemotional energy, and spiritual energy. At the end of the program, leaders have built solid foundations for vibrant sustained peak performance. It becomes a lifestyle.

Typically, it comprehends 8 modules of a duration of 2 to 2.5 hours (a mix of theory, and practice) spread over of 10 to 15 weeks. The modules are categorized into 4 pillars and one transformation engine as per bellow:

Body Training : 

Develop different forms of fitness through various types of movements and exercises–“whole fitness” – to impact positively mind peak performance and improve overall health and well-being.

Mind Training : 

Learn to practice different forms of awareness in different contexts of life (e.g. exercising, sitting, day-to-day activities) and other scientifically proven mind training techniques (e.g. NLP toolbox, the science of happiness, the science of breathing) to rewire the “whole brain” for more balance, to improve resilience, to experience more regular brain peak performance and fulfilment states (e.g. flow state).

Heart Training : 

Learn the roles played by different nervous systems and their connection to enhance health, performance, and well-being.

Learn how to use heart rate monitoring and breathing strategies while exercising to help rebalance the nervous system. This is also an enabler to practice some of the mind training techniques covered in the mind training module.

Supporting Pillars :  

Learn key nutrition tenets to navigate more smoothly with the tons of myths and contradicting information in the topic available out there and align your nutrition decisions to meet personal specific needs.

Learn principles and techniques to improve the quality quantity of sleep.

Understand how nutrition and sleep relate with the other mind-body training modules and how to create healthy supporting habits to reinforce the mind-body transformation for peak performance and fulfilment.

Transformation Engine : 

The program also comprehends change management techniques and neuroscience principles to incrementally condition mind-body to move from intellectual knowledge, to practical experience and finally become a real Transformation as a “whole leader”.

Objective and subjective Key Health & Performance Indicators (KHPI) are collected and tracked during and after the program: 

  • A logbook and coaching cards are used as support for the duration of the program to help journal personal experience and track progress in different areas.
  • Additional resources (e.g. reading material, videos, apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program) are shared every few days to reinforce the motivation and check progress.
  • Follow up sessions are conducted periodically after the program to make sure the transformation stick and the virtuous circle continue growing over time.

What Leaders Say...

" Stephane has found the simple words that allowed me to drastically change my approach to running and health and wellbeing in general. Thanks to his passion for everything he teaches, I have found my "aha moment", understanding the benefits of moving and that enjoying a run comes before performance. An incredible eye-opener for me that allowed me to stop associating run and pain.

The real power of Stephane’s program is to connect the essentials of movement, nutrition, sleep, and breathing. He is a true expert in all 4 and I would definitely recommend his program to anyone, really anyone! Thanks, Stephane "

Remy Furnon Head of GBS Delivery Center APAC @ Givaudan

“I started this program to mainly improve my running techniques so I wouldn’t have soreness every time I run and to lose weight.

This program has brought all of that but much more. The way Stephane shows how this is only part of the equation, how he links mindfulness, nutrition, and sleep to the whole experience is very compelling.

I consider myself as a more rational left-brain person so combining the theory with the exercises really drove it home for me that the real benefit is in the right balance. I got the results I wanted, expanded into meditation, eat differently and I see results are continuing to improve after the program. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a change that can last.”

Sven Ruytinx Senior Partner - Accenture

" I joined the Tao program as a birthday gift for myself :D Looking for a way to better manage my personal energy and continue my performance improvement. What an experience!!! By far my best gift this year!!! Starting by a great epiphany during the program related to balancing different areas and how to manage my life's cycle using all pillars of a holistic approach - for a "work hard, party harder, and run like there is no tomorrow" kind of person this was definitely a turning point.

Then learning and practicing mindfulness has really enhanced my focus. Stephane's "field and forum" method has provided me with the foundations for a continuous improvement journey, and for an engineer/expert consultant, knowing the science related to these was definitely a plus!

The results so far are beyond expectations - running better, higher energy when it matters most and I'm now a more present person - so I definitely recommend Stephane as a coach, improving with him has been a great journey so far! "

Carlos Mendes Senior Consultant & Business Development

"I never thought that I would be able to run a half marathon before I met Stephane Thiltgen, founder of Tao of Running and Tao Lifestyle.

Fast forward to 2018 and I am proud of having run 5 half marathons this year. My yearly body check is also showing some improvements compared to previous years.

Over the same period, my team at work grew from two to a department of 40+. Running with Stephane and changing my lifestyle enabled me to drive this change successfully at work and to become a better leader. It reduced my stress, anxiety, and worries and helped me wake up fully energized. It also gave me a calmer and clearer state for decision-making and problem solving and improved my concentration power.

Finally, it also increased my ability for authenticity, empathy, and compassion and improved the way I relate to my colleagues and subordinates."

Pedro Uria-Recio Head of AI & Digital Innovation - Axiata

"As many executives, one of my biggest challenges is to keep clarity, focus, and strength to make the best possible business decisions. These decisions are more and more difficult to make in dynamic, volatile, and overwhelming environments. No need to add that work-life balance is a crucial topic in our over-demanding world. I was looking for a holistic program to support me in balancing everything and re-developing the feeling of control and mastery in my life

Stephane is using running as a mean to bring the puzzle pieces together. Always backed up with scientific researches, Stephane is guiding us on a very interesting journey where we learn how works our body. I better understand myself and discovered the limitless capabilities of my machinery. And it works!

Results are really amazing (and for me very fast): Better focus and clarity during the day and much better quality time with my family.

I highly recommend the Tao program for everyone that has to manage a very demanding environment, who has the impression to pay a too high sacrifice to succeed, or simply who wants to feel much better in his body."

Frederic Quaranta Senior Executive - Vice President - Continental

"With 96 kg on the scale, a high cholesterol level, and overall dissatisfaction with myself, I needed to get myself in shape again.

Despite a very active schedule and many trips abroad, Stephane convinced me that he could help me to reduce weight and increase my overall health and wellbeing. So, I decided to give a go to his program.

After 5 weeks, my weight had already dropped by more than 5 kgs. After 4-5 months, I was at 85.5 kg. A reduction of more than 10 kgs! For somebody of my age and height, I am not in the obese category anymore. I do have regular health checkups and monitor blood and cholesterol levels. My doctor congratulated me on the excellent LDL/HDL ratio that now is more than normal without any medication.

Those improvements make me feel a lot better mentally and give me significantly more energy on a daily basis.
Following Stephane's program has really made me healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thanks a lot, Stephane! "

Jean-Claude Steinmetz Director at Hastings

"This is not a new year resolution… It's a lifetime resolution!

I am 44 yo. And I didn't know how to breathe. I didn't know how to run. I didn't know how to eat. I didn't know how to be at peace with myself. Now I do.
I (re)learned it through this great program. Lasting impact on your well-being!

Good for your body, your mind, and your soul. Try it and (re)connect with your true self."

Laurent Duvilier Regional Chief of Communication, Latin America - UNICEF

“I spend over 60% of my time traveling in the APAC region. Although I enjoy my hectic life and work, I felt the need of managing better my lifestyle, especially my health and mind to create a postive 'virtuous circle' and go out of the vicious one!

To do so, you need guidance and support: I decided to take part in the Tao program. The holistic approach promoted by Stephane is very concrete: Running and exercise, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep principles, and other techniques taught by Stephane are easy to understand and the interactions between each of them are powerful which makes them easier to apply in your daily life.

It really works! I was for example very reluctant to run (I hated it!). And now, I feel the need of going out and run a few times a week. Also, today I feel much more relaxed, I have a clearer mind, I’m more creative and I have a better approach to problems at work. My energy level is great and I have more smiles on my face ;-).”

Pol Abiven Director, Asia-Pacific - Phosphea

“As a professional executive coach, this program had been really useful to bring additional ways to handle stress.

Getting back to resourcefulness thanks to mindfulness and mindful running, ensuring a proper 'me-time' to brainstorm more creative ways to deal with a complex situation, and providing a discipline to self-care.

In my profession where so much relies on how grounded I am, self-care and well-being are essential, yet one needs to also find how to fit it in a busy schedule.

The program contributed to helping me install these special recharging times in a rhythm that suits my professional activity. Thank you for your coaching, Stephane!”

Marianne Dupuis Executive Coach

"I was under super high work pressure, my sleep was badly affected and I was consistently feeling low in energy and had difficulties concentrating.

I have always had some sports activity in my life, in my younger days, I used to play handball and do cycling at a good level and I had run a few half-marathons in the past with a very honorable performance.

But this program has not only changed my approach to running and sport in general but also my approach to my overall lifestyle. I have changed how I use my mind, how and what I eat, how I breathe during and outside my exercise. Today, I feel more relaxed and balanced. I have lost weight. My energy is higher and more stable and I’m more aware of my emotions.

I highly recommend Stephane's program to anyone who needs to find lifestyle solutions for a high-powered career life!"

Jean-Philippe Garraux Referent Real Estate Group - Leader United Guidance Development Real Estate - Decathlon International

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You can enrol to Tao of Peak Performance™ as an individual (e.g. if you are an entrepreneur or a leader of a small organization) or we can partner with your organization to customize Tao of Peak Performance™ to meet specific needs of selected leader(s)/ team(s) to perform @ their peak

Connect with us to share your needs and questions ! : 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: How are you different than other leadership development programs?

According to Tao wisdom and many other ancient philosophies, everything is interconnected and works as an ecosystem. This is valid at a human being level (“human ecosystem”) as it is at a business level (“organisation ecosystem”).

The way leaders move their bodies, the way they breathe, how they sleep, what and how they eat, the way they use their brain, and so on... everything is inter-related. One of the key strengths of this approach is that it helps each leader connect the dots between the different pillars and brings more balance to the “human ecosystem” to avoid/reduce "internal frictions". By bringing positive and sustainable changes at the leaders’ level, it leads to transformational changes at the “organisation ecosystem”

Guiding leaders on how to develop skills related to the different pillars and to create bridges to interrelate them reinforce the transformation effect for increased physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy leading to vibrant peak performance, and fulfilment. That is the key difference and strength of this approach. We don't only focus on the brain/mind to improve the brain and leadership skills. Brain peak performance is the result of a deeper holistic transformation!

Question 2: How can I register for this program?

Even if the pillars of Tao of Peak Performance™ are standard, every leader is different, and has different challenges, strengths and specific needs. To be able to customize the modules and the approach to meet your needs as an individual (e.g. entrepreneur) or the needs of some of your senior leaders or high-performance team – (if you are an organisation), the best way is to give a call, send an email or fillup the form to ask for information. Generally, a meeting will be the best way to understand the situation and be able to determine the investment of time, determine the timeline and refine the value proposition together. 

The form to register is available above in the page

Email: info@tao-lifestyle.com

WhatsApp/Phone: +60 122056253

Question 3: How does the program work?

Tao of Peak Performance™is a journey towards elevating leaders' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. During 10-12 weeks (can be adjusted based on the needs and constraints of the organisation), leaders experience a fulfilling sense of incremental progress towards their vibrant peak performance and fulfilment goals.

During that period, leaders:

  • Take part in 8 training and coaching sessions (2 to 2.5 hours per session mixing theory and practice). In between the sessions, they receive guidance on how to practice on their own the various techniques and routines to build the knowledge into their mind-body and transform it into skills.
  • Receive the key slides of the training material for the 8 modules in a PDF format.
  • Interact regularly with the transformation coach to share their challenges and progress and receive additional reading material, videos, and apps for additional facts & details about the science behind the program.
  • Receive a set of coaching cards to support their practice and the Transformation Program logbook to support their practice and track their progress.
  • For those interested in running and/or walking, they are invited to a weekly group run to practice the body training pillar (they will continue to be invited to this weekly run after the end of the program).
  • By the end of the program, they have initiated the transformation, and will experience an increased fitness, health, sense of balance and well-being to motivate them to continue in this direction. It will become part of their new lifestyle!
  • Question 4: How can you say if this program will work for me or our leaders in my organization?

    First, Stephane has iteratively built this transformative approach over more than 20 years’ personal quest to improve his health, well-being, and performance (see his story in Meet Stephane section for additional details).

    Second, Stephane was a management consultant for about 15 years. He has taken part and led business transformations for various industries, in many countries from SME to big corporations (His last role was lean 6 sigma expert for South East Asia in a leading consulting firm). He knows the type of challenges and lifestyles that business leaders face in their day-to-day.

    Third, the strategies and tools taught in this program are backed by science, and, Stephane has developed skills (most of them certified) in many areas of health, performance, and wellbeing like running, NLP, mindfulness, the nutrition science, the science of endurance mastery, the sleep science, the science of breathing, the science of happiness, neuroscience, change management... (you can read about his credentials in Stephane's profile).

    Last thing, the list of the leaders of numerous leading organizations (see Leaders profile section) and the testimonials given by leaders who have taken part in this program (see in the Praise section) bring evidence of the effectiveness of this program.